Kiyotsu Gorge area map

Kiyotsu Gorge area map

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Many people visit the Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel day after day, but the following dates and periods are expected to be particularly crowded.

  • September 1 (Sun.), 7 (Sat.), 8 (Sun.), 14 (Sat.) – 16 (Mon.), 21 (Sat.) – 23 (Mon.), 28 (Sat.), 29 (Sun.)
  • Every weekend in October and November and the fall foliage season from mid-October to early November. Please be aware that during peak crowding times, you may experience the following inconveniences regarding getting to or viewing the gorge.

  • Those traveling by car may have to wait over one hour to park.
  • The Panorama Station area may become crowded and visitors wishing to enjoy the view from here may have to wait.
  • In order to ensure that the large number of visitors can smoothly take in the view, during peak crowding times, visitors to the Panorama Station area are asked to move with the flow of the crowd and, when at all possible, continue moving forward without stopping.

  • Please be aware that during peak crowding times, you may not be able to take pictures exactly as you would like to.

Click here for the latest information on Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel crowding conditions (Japanese language only)

Hours of Operation



Tunnel hours



Tunnel fee


Adults (16+) ¥600

Children (6-15) ¥300

Children under 5 and persons with a physical disability Free

  • ※ A discount of 50 yen/person is available to groups of more than 20 people.